Skinny Fat; Make Muscle While Burning Fat!

What is Skinny Fat?

Skinny fat; A person may be weak and frail or may be fat and over-fat. Correcting this situation should be your goal to reach your appropriate weight. This will be possible by turning the body fat into the casing. Everyone around you may either want to gain weight or lose weight. Our goal is to reach the ideal body.

If you have regional fat, for example, you have fat in your belly, but if your arms are thin; you want to burn fat and improve muscle. Both can happen together. Weight training and healthy eating are two complementary elements.

Make Muscle and Burn Fat!

People are really hard on this. Because it is not an easy process. You need to work hard to build muscle. You need to get up early and do regular training. You also need to change your eating habits. Correctly adjusting the amount of protein and carbohydrates will make a great contribution to you.

Are you faithful and stubborn? You better be. You must walk firmly to your goal. You must make a plan and stick to it for a long time. If you cannot make a plan on your own, you should seek support from an expert.

Please note the rule; No pain, no gain.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Building Muscle?

  • We should drink plenty of water. Water accelerates fat burning and is necessary for the development of muscles. There will be no gain from sweating.
  • We need nitrogen and phosphate for DNA and RNA. We must consume the foods that contain them. We need to eat red meat, white meat, vegetable proteins.
  • Glycogen and triglycerides. We can simply call it energy. Because glucose and fats are non-essential nutrients that our bodies can produce. But we need a lot of energy because it is a process that requires protein-laden energy to develop muscle.

Skinny Fat Body Transformation With Intermittent Fasting !

Intermittent Fasting; It means adjusting the nutrient timing. It is based on taking nutrients at certain times by following a certain program. We can call it ‘Fasting’. This method works in many people. If you are really patient enough to follow the rules, it will definitely work.

Intermittent Fasting With Skinny Fat Considerations When Making!

  • The time between 2 meals should not be too long. Anabolism can occur in muscle tissue if the time is prolonged.
  • Fasting during the day can make the person exhausted. Mental activity slows down.
  • Not recommended if you have diabetes or insulin resistance.
  • Too much food annoys the person after being hungry all day.
  • We have to follow the rules.

How to Skinny Fat?

  • We should have a good training program.
  • We need to work our body efficiently.
  • We should not be able to wear our body so that we can do the next training, we should be able to run continuously.
  • We need to support muscle development in the best way.
  • We must pay attention to our diet balanced diet.
  • If a heavy workout program was chosen, we should choose the appropriate food for this program.

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