Ozone Sauna Therapy

Healthy weakness with ozone sauna therapy!

Do you know that ozone sauna therapy are detoxifying, accelerating blood circulation, weakening, eliminating cellulite, increasing body resistance, relieving fatigue, relieving pain, reducing aging effects?

What is Ozone Sauna Therapy?

Ozone Sauna; is the process of delivering oxygen to the body through the skin in a warm cabin. It is usually used to put the end point on the fats and belly of the body, fats, legs, buttocks and fat deposits. Warm with the ozone sauna, the heat affects deeply 4 to 6 centimeters below. Provides seven times more sweating than a steamy classic sauce. It is absorbed through the pores of the skin, which is opened by the effect of the temperature, and the blood of the body passes through the lymph and the fatty tissue. The lymphatic system cleans the toxins, cleanses the skin, loosens the muscles, accelerates blood circulation and kills bacteria, virus fungi. The ozone sauna therapy method applied after the coolsculpting process provides you with an incredible effect. When these two methods are used together, you will be stunned.

Ozone; oxygen is three-atomic and is used in many areas. The part that interests us is; Ozone Sauna is a body care unit with features such as cellulite remover, debilitating, toxin thrower, digestive and circulatory regulator, skin tightening and beautifying.

Benefits of ozone sauna therapy

-It increases blood circulation to cells and tissues.

-Together with blood circulation, the skin is renewed and it gets a firm and smooth appearance. A cleaner, softer and more youthful skin is provided.

-It strengthens the immune system.

-Veins (arteries and veins) are cleared.

-The blood and lymph system is cleaned.

-It is provided to work as a deep third kidney or a second lung system.

-It boosts the resistance against infectious diseases by killing microorganisms with the effect of the immune system and warmth.

-Lactic acid loosens and softens muscles by oxidizing, increasing flexibility.

-Joint pain and muscle disorders improve.

-Hormone and enzyme production return to normal.

-Strengthens brain functions and memory.

-The refreshing effect has a positive effect on depression and anxiety. Helps relieve tension caused by depression.

-Adrenalin gives a general calmness by oxidation.

What are the changes in our body after ozone sauna therapy?

Detox Effect

It helps with the sweating method to quickly release toxins accumulated in our body. It allows us to get rid of harmful toxins entering our bodies in various ways and waiting to be thrown out as waste.

Acceleration of circulation

Blood circulation is accelerated by the effect of heat and gases. As the blood is better oxygenated, there are positive effects on blood pressure.


Increased body heat, acceleration of circulation, and ozone can cause calories burned in the body by the action of oxygen gases. One session causes ozone to be spent in the sauna 250 to 500 kcal. The calories burned vary according to the temperature and the body characteristics of the person. There is only a slight decrease of 500 gr by sweat. The effect will be increased by 2 times when done after the Coolsculpting process.

Cellulite removal

The loss of the cellulite image due to the breakdown of fat cells trapped under the skin and the acceleration of circulation. This process is equivalent to doing sports for about 6 months.

Increase of body resistance

Immune system strengthens the immune system and creates resistance against diseases.


Increased blood circulation through the muscles allows the removal of substances such as lactic acid, which cause fatigue and pain.

Pain relief

The accumulation of some harmful toxins in tissues, which is the cause of pain, is due to various causes of edema, circulatory disorders and insufficiency. Increased circulation, decreased edema, and removal of toxins from the environment by heat, moisture and ozone help to eliminate the sensation of pain.

Reduction of aging effects

Time is not possible to slow down. However, it is possible to slow aging. Aging is one of the tasks our body has been programmed from the moment we are born. It is regulated by the complex interactions of hormones. Harmful sun rays, eating habits, etc. we are aged by many influences.

As oxygen supplies the brain tissue, the mind works better and helps to reduce complaints such as insomnia and depression.

Ozone The point that should be taken into consideration when applying Sauna; Since there will be a lot of fluid loss after the application, we have to consume plenty of fluid to survive the mineral deficiency. If necessary, we must use reinforcing mineral-containing products.

Ozone therapy heals or completely corrects many pathological conditions. These positive results have been proven by a series of medical research and medical publications, and as a rule ozone is applied in addition to other treatments in the treatment of diseases and enters the complementary treatment group.

Main areas of use;

-Circulatory disorders
-Anti-aging and revival,
-Prevention and treatment in elderly people,
-Ozone treatment in eye diseases,
-Ozone treatment in cancer and cancer,
-Skin fungi and infected skin lesions,
-Infected wounds, Open bed sores (decubitus ulcers), lower leg ulcers (Ulcus cruris)
-Bowel Diseases: proctitis and colitis
-Diseases caused by viruses Herpes simplex (facial herpes), herpes zoster (shingles)
-Liver inflammation (Hepatitis A, B, C)
-Inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases
-Arthritic / Rheumatic conditions – Chronic polyarthritis

How is work Ozone Sauna Therapy Machine?

You sit comfortably in an Ozone resistant steam cabinet with your head protruding out the top of the cabinet. In this way, your face remains cool and you avoid inhaling the ozone gas which can irritate the lung lining. Adjustable volumes of steam, CO2 and an ozone/oxygen mixture is circulated inside the sealed off unit. The pores open and capillaries dilate due to the moist heat & CO2 gas. Ozone dissolves in the superficial water film on the skin and reacts with lipids in the skin to generate Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and an array of Lipid Oxidation Products (LOP) which enter through the dermis, derma and capillary wall penetrating the lymphatic fluid, blood and fat cells.

Toxins in the lymph, fat & blood are oxidized and the body is cleansed of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi & parasites

During the treatment your body will process the oxidized toxins and expel them through the skin, sparing the liver and kidneys.

A treatment may be anything between 15 – 30 minutes depending on the clients’ health and he/she can expect to emerge from the treatment feeling extremely relaxed, refreshed and energised.

For general detoxification a schedule of 10 treatments is advised, however please enquire about other protocols when dealing with chronic illnesses and other health conditions.

Ozone allows the sauna to function deeply as a third kidney, a second lung system

The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the toxins and pollutants slowly enter our bodies and are absorbed by our skin.

USA. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we have more than 3,000 chemicals in our food and 1.81 kg per year for adults. pesticides (pesticide residues) are consumed with the foods they consume.

Some harmful toxins and chemicals stored in our fatty tissues are: Pesticides, metals, drug remnants, natural and artificial chemicals and food preservatives.

These accumulated toxins and chemicals slowly destroy healthy tissues and cells, which is why it is both a disease and aging.

Ozone sauna, this accumulated toxins and chemicals are oxidized and detoxified. The use of the sauna is one of the most important parts of a detoxification program.

The sauna enhances deep cleansing capacity, detoxification potentials, stimulating the activation of sweat glands, and provides healthy skin and firm skin formation through increased blood circulation.
The use of ozone in combination with steam makes it possible to absorb the ozone through the skin along with the body wraps.

The heat of the nose opens the pores and allows the ozone to enter the bloodstream through the skin.
Ozone can thus reach fatty tissues and lymph glands. It is very important that the lymph tissue is cleared from the toxins and the ozone-vapor is the best and easiest way to do it.


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