Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis Diet

What is a ketogenic diet?

What is the keto diet?

Very low carbohydrate, taking oil at a very high level; the feeding style is called ketojenic diet, which enables our body to produce energy by burning fat instead of glucose. Briefly; is the type of feed that changes the fuel of the energy-generating body mechanism.

It is scientifically proven method by academicians. When applied in accordance with the rules, it plays an active role in the treatment of many diseases. Cancer and epilepsy patients are offered with a doctor’s recommendation.

The purpose of the ketogenic diet is; it is the passage of the body to the ketosis phase. What is the phase of ketosis? Briefly; is the reaction of the human body to the intake of low carbohydrates.

Uncontrolled ketogenetic diet without doctor control can damage your health. You should definitely not be hungry when you are dieting.

How the ketogenic diet works?

As we know, the human body uses glucose molecules, the easiest way to produce energy. With the help of insulin, cells use glucose. What happens if the intake of carbohydrates stops and glucose is very low? Cells that do not contain carbohydrates form ketone bodies and tend to intramuscular proteins and fats. As the carbohydrate diminishes, our body naturally turns to energy production by burning fat.

Important; If the insulin is high, our bodies can not burn fat. It’s necessary to pull it down.

As a result; our cells will burn fat and generate energy using ketone bodies. When this process is complete, the ketones are converted to acetone. People who practice this diet have a bad smell of mouth. The same odor is formed in people who are hungry at the same time.

Benefits of the ketogenic diet

* Mental capacity increases, focus increases.

If you think our brain uses only glucose as fuel, you’re wrong. Ketone bodies can be used as energy, bypassing the blood-brain barrier. This is especially true for children with epilepsy. We can call it a rich fuel mix that rearranges the work of many of our mechanics in our brains.
People who implement this diet think faster and more carefully. It is also used in Alzheimer, Parkinson and cancer treatments.

* Improves heart and vascular health.

LDL falls, HDL rises. By controlling blood levels and cholesterol levels, you reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the long run.

* Muscle mass is preserved, fat ratio is reduced.

Our fat will be burned and the muscle layer that will turn into energy will remain constant.

How is the ketogenic diet done?

How do I know if I have ketosis?

The change in the mouth and urine odor is the first sign of change.Our breath is different from normal, a metallic taste in the mouth. If your urine stinks acetone, it means you have success.

Every woman who goes through the pregnancy knows the taste of metl in the mouth. During infant development, the mother enters a small-scale ketosis because it draws energy from the mother. Metal taste occurs in the mouths.

Who can make a ketogenic diet?

Those with insulin resistance problem.
Overweight and fat people.
Polycystic over women.
Type 2 diabetes.
Types of cancer.
Those with neurological problems.

Who can not make a ketogenic diet?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Hypercholesterolemia patients.
Those with electrolyte disturbances.
Those with kidney problems.
Resistance is the people who break very quickly.

Definitely not recommended.

Very important note; The ketogenic diet should definitely be under the advice of a doctor and under the supervision of a doctor.

Ketogenic diet types

* Classic ketogenic diet
In this type of diet, a person should take 90% fat, 6% protein, 4% carbohydrates daily.

* Low glycemia-indexed ketogenic diet
In this diet type person should take 65% fat, 25% protein, 10% carbohydrate daily.

* High protein ketogenic diet
In this diet type person should take 60% fat, 35% protein, 5% carbohydrate daily.

* Cetogenic diet with medium chain fatty acids
In this diet type person should take 70% fat (40% MTC fat), 15% protein, 15% carbohydrate daily.

Types of ketogenic diet applications

* Standard ketogenic diet
With this method, the person continues regularly every day.

* Targeted ketogenic diet
With this method, the person receives bulk carbohydrates on a given day of the week.

* Circuit-based ketogenic diet
With this method, certain days of the week will continue. Other days are free.

Ketogenic diet menu and foods

Keto diet menu, Keto diet foods

Protein sources;

Oiled red meat
The fish

Carbohydrate sources;

alligator pear

Oil resources;

Olive oil
Coconut oil

Important note; Other flower and canola oils are not used.

7 Days Keto Diet Menu

keto diet menu
keto diet menu

Ketogenic Diet Plans;

Ketogenic meal plan;

Keto diet for beginners;

We have a doctor-approved 2-day standard ketogenic diet menu for you;

First Day

Lunch time;

3 egg omelets 1 spoon butter
1 bowl of boiled broccoli 2 tablespoons olive oil and half lemon

Snack meal;

1 bowl whole fat yogurt
50 gr oatmeal

Evening meal;

300 gr meatballs
1 bowl of greens 2 tablespoons olive oil and half lemon
1 handful of peanuts

Second day;

Lunch time;

3 egg omelets 1 spoon butter
1 bowl of boiled cauliflower 2 tablespoons olive oil and half lemon

Snack meal;

1 cup kefir
5 walnuts

Evening meal;

350 gr turkey breast grill
1 bowl of greens 2 tablespoons olive oil and half lemon
1 handful of peanuts

Calorie account when making;

1 gram protein 4 calories
1 gram carbohydrate 4 calories
1 gram fat 9 calories

Do not forget that it is.

Keto Diet Guide

keto diet menu, keto diet guide
Keto diet guide


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