How is skin care done?

How is skin care done?

What is Skin Care?

First of all, I will try to give you the answer to the question of what is skin care. As we know, moisture and fat balance are very important for human skin to stay healthy. People have long recognized the importance of skin care. Thousands of skin care products were developed. Certain chemicals, especially used in cosmetic products, can cause us great harm. Now I’m going to talk about the things that we need to pay attention to when using these products.

What are the skin care products that we should stay away from?

Paraben; This chemical product contains many shampoos, shower gels, baby oils, lipsticks, deodorants and creams. This chemical, described as a preservative, is used in most cosmetic products because it prevents mold growth. Research shows that it leads to breast cancer. At the beginning of the products we need to stay away from the products in paraben is coming.

Perfume; Do you have sensitive skin? If you use perfume, if your body is red, we recommend that you do not use it again. Fragrances are everyone’s right, but unnatural fragrances are harmful to human health.

Artificial Colorants; Have you wondered how the color of the skin care products we use is formed? Of course, cosmetic factories using chemical dyes in this work. The products we use have to be natural. Artificial colorants have a carcinogenic effect. In the description of the product we bought during the shopping, there are FD & C and D&C writing in it. I suggest you stay away.

Phthalate; Colored nails are something women never give up. However, nail polish contains phthalate, a very dangerous chemical. We need to stay away from this chemical that can be used in nail polish, perfume and hair sprays. It has a carcinogenic effect.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Deisil Sulfate (SDS); It is a protective product similar to paraben. Carcinogenic effect. Unfortunately it is used in many skin care products. Used in products such as liquid hand soap, laundry detergents, make-up materials, shower gel. The purpose of use is very interesting; shampoo That is to say, the more the shampoo lathers is, the better it cleans, and the conscious one wants to inject the logic into the human mind consciously. Shampoo is not good for our health. I want him in a corner of our mind.

How is healthy skin care done?

Our skin is our appearance. Factors affecting our skin are make-up, ultraviolet rays from the sun, smoking, irregular and malnutrition, and chemical products that dry the skin. 30 years old, but we don’t want to look old. That’s why we have to do skin care. We are taking care of our cars on time but we do not pay much attention when it comes to ourselves. These methods we will apply at home will show us the importance and wonderful results of organic skin care.

Use Natural Soap!

First of all, we should prefer natural soaps with olive oil, which are not chemical products. We should not use soaps that dry the skin to keep it soft and moist. The skin that is clean breathes. The pores open. The soft and pinkish appearance is a sign that our skin is healthy.


Purifying dead cells is a must for healthy skin. Peeling prevents the formation of black spots and pimples. You can make peeling mask at home. I recommend using natural products.


If you have excessively oily skin, we should clean our skin with a soap that will cleanse our skin in the morning and evening. We can use cotton.

Green tea!

Green tea is an excellent detox source for skin. Wet a piece of cotton with green tea and rub into your body. A great moisturizer and cleanser. 3-week application results in a wonderfully soft and shiny skin.

Use sunscreen cream!

If it’s sunny outside, we must use a sun protective cream. Sunscreen will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. According to the research, the sun can reach the effect that can damage our skin in just 8 minutes. Sun creams moisturize the skin and prevent drying.

Clean your makeup after 4 hours of makeup!

When you do make-up, the pores in your skin are clogged naturally. If you do not clean clogged pores swell and acne occurs. Clean our makeup using a soft cleaning product.

Massage your skin!

Massaging accelerates blood circulation. With the opened pores, the body takes a sigh of relief. Thanks to the blood circulation, the appearance of the skin revives.

Clean with milk and tonic!

Milk and tonic make the perfect effect for skin cleansing. If you want to have a soft look, milk is a great solution for your skin. Tonic removes and removes the chemical effects from your body.

What are the important points of anti-aging skin care?

What are the important points of anti-aging skin care?

For skin care, what we need to know is what kind of skin we have. Depending on the type of skin is changing the application.

If you have oily skin; cleaning is the first priority for you. You should make your skin breathe. The first step is to clean with a cleanser suitable for oily skin type. You should use an oil-free moisturizer. In the evening, we should wash our face with warm water before going to bed.

If you have dry skin; Cream is the first priority for you. Creams prevent your skin from cracking and cracking. Keeps your skin alive. The appropriate moisturizer must be used. Protection from the sun is important for people with dry skin. The effect of aging has a very bad effect on the mixture of sun and dry skin. Massaging your skin with a moisturizer will be very good for you.

If you have sensitive skin; you must be careful. To use appropriate moisturizer, protect from the sun, shampoo and care products containing chemical should be avoided. Hot water can disrupt the natural moisture balance of the body so we need to massage with warm water.

The Importance of Nutrition in Skin Care

Nutrition is a must if you want to have healthy skin. Vitamins A, C, E, K are very important vitamins for our skin. We must pay attention to the harmful effects of the sun and vitamin intake to slow the natural aging process. When the fruit, vegetable and protein intake is regular, you will notice the change. Healthy eating means healthy appearance. I recommend that you stay away from smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes increase the wrinkle of our skin.

Benefits of Exercising to the Skin

Exercising regularly accelerates and streamlines our blood flow. We get rid of toxins naturally with sweat thrown in sports. Exercise while exercising our skin tightens and elasticity gains the skill.


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