Get weak without surgery with Coolsculpting!

When did you last feel great about yourself?

Stop suddenly as you pass through the mirror! Imagine what you look like when you cross the mirror! Whenever you want to go to the mirror without being afraid, go shopping fearlessly. What about the vacation? I seem to hear you say. Yes, take your bikini and go for a break. Take incredibly enjoyable photos with family and loved ones. With the developing technology, you can do all of them.

How will all of these be possible?

You’re wondering what all this will be like. Of course I’m talking about Coolsculpting, the next generation regional weight loss method. With this method, you can fight for long periods with exercise and diet and get rid of stubborn stubborn fats.

This method has many advantages over other classical methods. Believe me, I would prefer this method if I had surgery. Infection that can happen during and after surgery can cost your life. Do you really have to take this risk? We are not so helpless friends. Technology is developing at a great pace. You do not have to lie under a knife anymore. Coolsculpting will keep these methods on dusty pages of history.

This method, discovered by a group of academics at Harvard University, is gold for us. Zeltiq produced this device with FDA approval. No more surgery. The process takes less than 1 hour. While this is happening, you will continue to read your book or watch the video.

How does Coolsculpting work?

Now close your eyes and feel yourself stretched out in a great chair. The part of your body you want to examine is first put on a gel and a vacuum cooler is connected. So much! Then the time is set and the start button is pressed. You should begin reading your book or magazine in the meantime. During the process you will feel burning in the application area due to the effect of cold, which is normal. For example, when you touch a bubble, you feel burning. This is the reaction that your body has shown to be cold. Within 15 minutes, this burning sensation will turn itself into a feeling of drowsiness. You will not feel anything after that. And the process is complete!

After the procedure, there will be redness and numbness in the application area. This can take about 1 day. It passes later. Approximately 20-25% fat is burned per application. Visible thinning occurs after 3 times application. Now go to the mirror and take pictures. You can wear the clothes you want.

What is the success rate of the Coolsculpting method?

Dear friends to date more than 5,000 people signed up for coolsculpting. In this questionnaire, 4812 people from 5000 people think that they gave a positive result. The success rate is 96%.

It would be my opinion to try this method if I was operated on and under the knife. Obviously, it is not for me to take risks. I’m sure you think like me.

For the price. Believe me, there is not much price difference between Liposuction and Coolsculpting. Liposuction has prices ranging from $ 2000- $ 8000. Coolsculpting process ranges from $ 800-4000. If we think logically, we see that Coolsculpting is very advantageous.

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