Coolsculpting Results

Coolsculpting Results

Coolsculpting results begin to be seen from the 3rd week. However, the actual change is seen at the end of 6-8 weeks. In some overweight people, the duration of action can be up to 6 months. These results differ according to the person. The rate of fat accumulation in the area where age, fat tissue is present may vary.

The most important advantage of Coolsculpting is the absence of side effects such as liposuction, laser lipolysis, laser fat removal after; pain, spasm, infection that occur in other methods.

it is very advantageous because there is no coolsculpting risk of coolsculpting side effect.

The disadvantage of coolsculpting is that liposuction and laser lipolysis results appear early, while coolsculpting results occur as early as 3 weeks.

However, after liposuction, we have the same result because it is healing process.

Who is eligible for Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting process, for people with excess body fat, diet and exercise can not work, liposuction and other traditional methods can be applied for people who are afraid.

Your body; It can be applied to Face, Arms, Back, Waist, Hip, Basen, Tummy, Thighs, Knees, Stomach, Chest, Love Handles.

However, body parts are not suitable for excessively obese people with excessive amounts of fat, coolsculpting.

If these questions come to mind;

Is a Fat-Freezing Procedure For You?

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If health conditions are favorable, you can do coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting Risk Group

Those who are 18 years of age or younger, pregnant or lactating, diabetic patients, cancer patients, patients with liver or kidney problems, infected patients, patients with drug allergy, cryopreservation problems,paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria , those with raynaud syndrome should stay away from coolsculpting.


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