Coolsculpting: Arms

Coolsculpting: Arms

Does Coolsculpting apply to the arms?

I would recommend FDA-approved Coolsculpting, which is the most effective method for this job. Appropriate applicators for the knee region have been developed.

How long will Coolsculpting Arms Application take?

The process will take approximately 35 minutes.

Coolsculpting process for arms

Unwanted fat tissues in the arm region are exposed to a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius. With the Coolsculpting process, only the arm fat is intervened, it does not harm your skin. The fatty cells exposed to the cold enter the programmed cell death process, and the broken fat cells are excreted from the body take out with urine. This process can take up to 6 weeks. You should drink 3 liters of water a day. The process will then proceed as fast as possible.

How many times will I make it?

For the first time in the area where application is made, an average of 30% fat tissue is destroyed.  If the density of fat tissue in the knee region is high, 3 or 3 + 2 can be applied. It will redden after the procedure.

Is Coolsculpting Side Effect?

It is administered without any anesthetic method. Redness, numbness may occur in the area applied after the procedure. After the process you can return to your daily life.


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