Breast Augmentation

Women want to look great on special occasions, weddings and many organizations. Wearing great dresses, highlighting the cleavage of the chest allows you to look great from the outside. Is it possible to enlarge the breast? Of course its possible.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breasts provide a very important physical integrity for women. Measures are important for the exterior to be balanced. Chest width, waist and hip measurements represent a balanced appearance.

Breasts can be small for a variety of reasons. They may remain small in congenital or subsequent development. In some people 2 breast sizes may not be equal.

Breast Augmentation Definition

Breast enlargement is called, breast augmentation which is smaller in normal conditions and the breasts appear to be fuller with surgery.

There are many methods of breast augmentation with surgery and non-surgery. In this article we will talk about these methods.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

With a surgical operation, the silicone implant is placed behind the breast tissue to make the breasts appear larger than it is. The operation lasts approximately 1-2 hours. In the previous breast augmentation process, fat tissue was taken from the patient’s back. Since this method provides insufficient growth, silicone prostheses are used today.

How is Breast Enlargement Surgery performed?

Surgical intervention is performed by applying anesthesia to the patient under special hospital conditions. The patient is informed about the preoperative procedures. Approximately 5 cm long incision is opened for the prosthesis placement. This cut can be a region chosen by the doctor and the patient to decide together. Generally, the armpit area can be made under the breast fold line and the nipple.

The operation can take approximately 2 hours. There will be cut marks after surgery. For this reason, the application area is very important. Usually within 2 years, the cut marks are almost destroyed.

Breast Implant Types

Silicone prostheses are produced in the form of balloons and nipples. These are materials whose outer surface is completely silicone. It is an FDA approved system to prevent any harm to human health. For any reason, such as traffic accidents, jams and falls in the event of a slilkonun tears may occur. Under these conditions, the material in the silicone must be selected from products that do not harm human health.

Breast Implant Materials;

  • Gel-filled silicone implant
  • Serum physiological silicone implant (sterile salt water)
  • Silicone implant filled with Soybean Oil
  •  Silicone implant filled with PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone povidone)
  • As a figure; Features round, smooth, textured breast implants.

Postoperative Recovery Process

The recovery period after surgery is about 3 days. Small post-operative pain can be. Your doctor will recommend drugs to help you with this. After 3 days, the patient may return to work. It may take up to 2 weeks for the sutures to be removed after the surgery.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Before and After

Breast Enhancement Surgery Before and After
before after breast augmentation photos

Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation

Breast enhancement without surgery is done by filling injection. With this operation lasting only 30 minutes, breast enlargement is possible. The results are visible immediately after the procedure is performed. Only 1 hour per day is enough for this job.

Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation with Needle Injection

A filler material is used which contains hyaluronic acid as filler material. Injected into the breasts by needle method. It is a non-harmful material. The life of this material is only 1 year. Surgical breast prosthesis is recommended if you want long-term and permanent growth.

Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection

It’s a great way for women who are scared of surgery or who don’t want scarring. Seamless, non-anesthetic and non-prosthesis applied in this method of breast enlargement is carried out with one’s own fat. Moreover, if there is dissatisfaction because it is not permanent, you do not need to worry. Breast sizes are equaled by the administration of fat injection in people with a size difference between the breasts. This method provides only small growth.

Breast Augmentation Prices

The cost of breast augmentation seems to be an expensive application. As a result of research, breast augmentation surgery costs in the average amount of $3000-3500. Non-surgical breast augmentation costs approximately $1000 -1500. The average breast implant removal cost is about $2000-2500.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Before and After

breast augmentation surgery before and after

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